Seafood Pizza and Other Adventures

Seafood pizza gift at 8PM, not such a bad thing, in my opinion. The fact that seafood pizza seems totally normal to me might be a strange thing. The fact that staying at a friend’s site means lots of fun snacks is definitely a good thing…in my opinion.

Yep, This is indeed what seafood pizza looks like.

In the continued spirit and zeal of podcasting, I now find myself at ….’s site making videos of a few of the projects she’s been working on. I love visiting other peoples sites. Aside from snacks galore, it’s fun to see what people do at their sites and it’s reassuring to see that others go through many of the same struggles and joys that I go through. What can I say? I like being reminded that I’m only 92% crazy as apposed to the full 100%.

Dixie Blue gettin' down with her bad self by the recycle bin.

Over the weekend I got play a part in Operation: Birthday Surprise Party for The Purple Zebra. Now, pulling off the surprise part was no easy feat. For one, The Purple Zebra planned to be in BKK that weekend to meet her mom and spent last weekend listing the 101 excellent reasons why I should join her in BKK that weekend. Trying to hold true to the surprise party plan, I made up an excuse about my landlord installing mosquito screens in my house that weekend, an excuse which was random enough to work, though still kind of jerk-ish. Anyway, I managed to keep my presence in BKK a secret from the Purple Zebra until she came the restaurant with the boyfriend, expecting a private dinner and was greeted by 10 friends holding signs and an ice cream cake on the brink of death due to a million lit trick candles. The only sentence she managed to form involved the word “flabbergasted” and I believe that may be one of the only times I have witnessed the Purple Zebra rendered speechless.

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