Listenin' and Ridin'

Latest nerd addiction- listing to audiobooks in my bed late at night. I am hooked so bad. Really, I blame my childhood for this one. The Parents might try to tell me otherwise after reading this, but I am going to go ahead and say that my favorite childhood toy was my tape player. I had this shinny, tan, plastic tape player with a handle, a microphone and brown buttons that I drug all over the house with me. Along with the tape player was my treasured collection of sing-song and story telling tapes. Not to mention the blank tapes that I would use to record my angelic singing voice, over and over and over. And then at night when it was time to go to bed, I would bring the tape player into bed with me, lean it against the wall around some pillows and listen to tapes until I fell asleep. At some point I think I got a second tape player as a present, but my memory is a bit fuzzy as to whether this was Sister’s tape player that I thought was mine or if it was my tape player that Sister snatched. Either senerio is completely plausible.

The thing about listening to audiobooks at night is that sometimes they put me right to sleep and sometimes I hang onto the bitter end listening to the story. I stayed awake through all but one hour of an overnight bus once because I was completely enraptured with the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Last night wasn’t that bad, but it was a close call. I’ve been listening to Room by Emma Donogue and I am in love with the narrator, five-year-old Jack. The novel is about a mother and child who have been locked in Room for years. It’s an unsettling story told completely through he eyes of Jack. The author executes the child’s voice so well. I loved hearing his description of the world and reaction to strange adult behaviors. Though the premise is heavy the book seems so light because of Jack’s wide eyed curiosity and innocence. Luckily, there was only an hour left of the book last night so I couldn’t stay up too late listening to it.

On the agenda for today…biking into town to hit up the ATM and then the market for some produce.

Thank goodness I don’t need to go to Thung Saliam.


Packed up and ready to go back home. Why is the seat wet you ask? Because it’s raining. Good thing I’ve got those metaphorical webbed feet my dad talks about, as a result of being born and raised in the Pacific North West. A little rain doesn’t scare me. Nice thing about biking in the rain- no kamikaze snakes getting squished to death by my bike. Bad thing about biking in the rain- chilly. The forecast all week is in the low 80s. The 80s! Winter is upon us Thailand. It is upon us.

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One thought on “Listenin' and Ridin'

  1. Loved your update! Miss you soooooooo much! Wish I was there to do the market thing! I know you are having the best of times!! Stay safe and know that we lovvvvvvvvvvvve you!!! Aunt sherry, Brighton, and AnelieseY tooo!!

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