And So It Rains

Today was one of the few times in Thailand I was able to turn off the fan and snuggle up with a blanket and a book. The rain and cool weather made me feel so cozy. A little too cozy at times. I dozed off a couple times while reading or watching a TV show. Can’t complain there. School’s closed until the end of the week and I’m enjoying Bit Term (school break) for the first time. Usually when I stay at site during Bit Term it’s not long before I’m climbing the walls and pulling my hair out. Maybe it’s because I’ve got enough work to keep me busy, or because my parents come to visit on Friday, or because I can feel that I’m reaching the last stretch of my time here and am turning into a sap, regardless, I’m happy to be happy.

The rains picked up a bit in the evening, which is normal. Here’s some pics.


I learned today that taking pictures of rain is a real pain. I was out in front of my house squatting in the rain to get this shot when my neighbors drove up and eyeballed me like I was out of my mind.

This is from the window in my kitchen. I noticed my neighbor outside raking his driveway in nothing but a pair of blue underpants. Why bother getting the clothes wet? I like the way you think Blue Underpants Man. I really wanted a picture, but I felt too creepy. If I’m gonna be taking pictures of people walking around outside in their underpants, I feel like they should at least know about it.

It doesn’t just rain outside my kitchen, it rains inside too.

Thats my wet kitchen floor.

Then the water runs into the hallway. At least it builds up by the bathroom floor so I can sweep the water down the drain.

The water gets in through the cracks between the plaster and the aluminum roof.

I keep a bucket around to humor myself.

One good thing about the pouring rain: a good excuse to hole up and watch The Wire tonight. I am in awe of David Simon’s ability to write a show that captures so many aspects of the culture of a city while getting the viewer to look at aspects of a city that the eye is trained to overlook. I can’t wait for season 2 of his new show Treme.

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