Sukothai Meets the Parents

Wow! I just ate the spiciest lunch and am now desperately slurping a slushie in hopes of numbing my tongue.

On too old news…

Oh my goodness, so many things happened this last weekend. Where to start? Sports day? Loy kratong? The parents visiting? My parents made they’re way down from northern Thailand to visit me at my site this last weekend. I set it up so that they could stay with my friends Pi Muan and Pi Thoon. 1. Because they have a beautiful bedroom in their house that Pi Muan built as a homestay. and 2. Because I thought it would be fun for my parents to experience what it is like to stay with a Thai family. Luckily, they loved it. Here’s a picture of us after eating dinner together. Pi Am and her husband came over as well (her husband is taking the picture). This is one of my favorite pictures because it shows my family with the people who have been like a family to me while I’m in Thailand. Pi Muan and Pi Thoon were amazing hosts to my parents and my parents loved experiencing Thai village culture with them.

On Friday, my mom biked around with me to go to the schools. The father was sick as a dog and saving up his energy for the rest of the weekend. Luckily, the elementary schools were in the midst of a sports day and my mom was able to meet so many students and learn about Thai sports. Here’s a picture of me with some of my students at the sports day. From what I hear these girls dominated the games.

While at Sports Day we had a chance to go to the temple with the students and float kratongs. This is an event that happens at the full moon in November. Everyone floats a kratong in the water to give respect to the water and to say a prayer.

Here’s mom with some of the kratongs the students floated. I love all the colors! I got frustrated taking pictures because the sun kept washing out all the beautiful colors. Oh well.

After touring the schools and floating our kratongs, Pi Muan took my family to see the historical park in Si Satchanalai. The historical park in Sukothai was all decorated for the festival so going to the park in Si Sat was an opportunity for my parents to experience the ruins in a more relaxed environment.

Sometime between Thursday and Saturday my mom and I both managed to catch the evil virus my dad was sick with. Everyone getting sick slowed down our schedule quite a bit. At one point my dad went off by himself to take pictures of rice fields because mom and I couldn’t get out of bed. I’m not sure what bug my dad had, but it was a nasty one. It’s Wednesday now and I’m just starting to feel back to normal. Nasty bugs aside, we all managed to corral the energy to go see the Loy Kratong festival in Sukothai. The festival in the Sukothai Historical Park is one of the biggest in Thailand because it is the original site of the festival and it is GORGEOUS. The ruins were all decorated with lights, lanterns were floating in the air and bands played traditional music in beautiful costumes. This is easily my favorite Thai festival and sharing it with my family made it that much better.




2 thoughts on “Sukothai Meets the Parents

  1. Danny looked a little pale in that last picture. Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time. What a blessing for you to be able to have them there with you. In any event stay well and tell everybody “hey” for us from the states.

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