Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This may very well be my favorite holiday. Part of me wishes I could be at home stuffing my face with mashed potatoes and pie and part of me is perfectly content to spend this Thanksgiving with my PC family eating Mexican food. In a perfect world I would like to be in both places at once. I thought I’d take some time today to reflect on what I’m thankful for, here goes.

I’m thankful for…

  • Making it 1 year and 7 months as a Peace Corps Volunteer and still kicking strong.
  • Parents who are crazy enough to spend 5 months traveling South East Asia.

  • Lots of books stacked up in my room for my reading pleasure.
  • A new ice cream shop at site.

  • My students, when they’re being sweet.

  • A sister who is my polar opposite and gets me to try new things.

  • That the Mentor Reading Program grant went through and we have new library books.

  • Friends who stick with me through grouchy times.

  • Friends I can pick up with a year down the road and still be close to.

  • Friends who come to visit.

  • Friends to have new adventures with.

  • Memories of old adventure.
  • The feeling that the world is my oyster.

  • The people at site who make me feel this is all so worth it.

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