Some COS Some BKK

My goodness it has been a crazy week. It all started over Thanksgiving. I met up with some friends in Bangkok for Mexican food. By some friends, I mean about 50 or so volunteers. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was merry. Here’s a picture of Magic and I enjoying a pre-feast margarita. A good margarita in Thailand is hard to come by and this one did not disappoint. The salt around the rim instead of sugar is the first indication of success.

Over the weekend there was a lot of shopping, movie seeing and eating to be had. Gotta make up for the time spent at site by my lonesome. This picture was taken at the Bangkok Cultural Center near Siam. Entrance is free and there’s usually some pretty cool things to see. There was an exhibit of photographs taken during the protests last April, which were interesting.

The first day of the Close of Service conference involved packing up- my things and going to the other end of Bangkok to take my language proficiency interview. This whole process was exceptionally exhausting. This picture was taken shortly after I collapsed on the couch in the lounge after my interview. All the adrenaline from the day backfired and I crashed hard. I ended up doing well in my interview and scored an  Intermediate High language level, which isn’t exactly what I had hoped for, but is probably the best representation of my actual language level.

After the language proficiency interview we all met for the first conference session. Here’s a picture of the country director getting down with his bad self next to our conference sign.

After the first day’s session we made it over to the house of the woman who is second in charge at the embassy for Thanksgiving dinner round 2. This time we ate a real Thanksgiving meal complete with pumpkin pie! It was delicious. Being that I am part of the Volunteer Advisory Counsel I was able to sit at the VIP table with these kids and the “Second in Charge at the Embassy.” There’s a more technical term for that title, but I don’t remember it. The first word is chair, but that’s all I can give you.

After dinner we took a bus to Cha Am and stayed there for the rest of a conference. Wanna know what a PC Thailand conference looks like? Look at the picture below. Wild times.

We did manage to get in a little beach time as well.

And some roof/sunset time.

Then I came back to Bangkok for the rest of the weekend and enjoyed things like sushi and stalked up on some treats for site, like magazines, nutella and hippie food. The hardest part is making myself actually save these things for site.

And at some point during that week, I turned 25. Good times.


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