Dear Bangkok


Watching The Social Network in the theater.

Dear Bangkok,

Yes, I made it back to site safely, thanks for asking. I’d like to thank you for the satisfying my foreign food and cheap shopping needs. That being said, the seduction of restaurants, malls, and movie theaters may have gotten the better of me. I have returned to site as a near baht-less dear with a backpack full of goodies. I hope these goodies last until Christmas because thanks to my apparent weak will against American consumerism, I will not be able to leave site again til then. No need to feel bad, I have plans to read magazines, listen to podcasts and bake cookies. Honestly, this first day back at site has been rather nice. So, Bangkok, it was real. Smell ya later.


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About Kelsi

I'm a 20-something girl with a penchant for travel and a love of food. I'm prone to outdoor adventures, laughs over beers and photography missions. I write about my journeys on my blog, Some Sojourns, and on the Vayable Blog.

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