Getting Gourmet

The prospect of eating my usual salad with a partial can of tuna half-heartedly dumped on top for dinner made me want to cry a little. So I decided to get my gourmet on. I don’t usually cook elaborate dinners because my kitchen is full of mosquitos at night, but tonight I decided to throw caution to the wind and cook my heart out. The menu included carrot bisque, potato latkes (There were potatoes at the market! That is a rarity) , a tomato pesto salad and a lot of messes along the way.

Boiling the veggies for soup was easy enough.

I had to improvise a bit with the latkes. I didn’t have a cheese grater or the fancy gloves Martha Stewart used in the how to video, so I genuinely feared cutting my fingers as I whaked at the potato with a carrot peeler. After cutting the potatoes, I soaked them in ice water to get the potato starch to settle to the bottom. As you might be able to tell from the picture, this did not work out so well. Where did I go wrong Martha? Potato starch or no potato starch, I forged on and made myself some latkes.

The pesto was completely improvised using basil, garlic, olive oil and a cashew. I read that pesto is supposed to have pine nuts, but I don’t have any of those, so I threw in a cashew for the hell of it. The concoction didn’t mix so well in the blender so I kept adding more olive oil, and more olive oil, and more olive oil.

A bug fell into the pan and fried to death when I was heating up the oil. Eww. But in Thailand, we eat bugs, so this is not such a problem. I flicked this sucker out of the pan and continued on.

Here’s to hoping this mixture turns into a bisque.

Look at them latkes fry.

Well, the soup did turn into a bisque, but not without leaving a huge mess behind. The plastic piece that keeps my blender from leaking was eaten up by a smoothie many moons ago.

Ahh! The carrot bisque! It was delicious. The cumin really gave it some pizazz.

There’s the latkes and tomato pesto salad. The latkes were so yummy and the salad was so, so not. It had way too much garlic and olive oil. The tomatoes however did taste pretty amazing on top of the latkes. This meal was so worth the 53 mosquito bites. And the best part was the dark chocolate Godiva gems I had for dessert, a birthday gift from PZ.

The only bad part about getting my gourmet on is the dishes. Dun, dun, dun. I for one am firmly against hand washing clothes and doing dishes in the same day and the lack of feeling in my fingers is proof that I spent part of the day washing all my clothes from last weeks adventures. So sleep tight dishes, I’ll deal with you tomorrow.

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