More BKK

In an effort to avoid the world’s longest blog post about last weeks adventures at the COS conference, I left a few details out. Then I loaded the pictures onto my computers and realized these details are just too good to not tell the world about them.

1. There was guacamole at the Embassy Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t remember the last time I had guacamole and that is really no way to live in my opinion.

2. I made a little stop at my favorite books store in Bangkok. It’s called Dasa books and has an amazing selection of books, and some yummy coffee, plus it is really well organized. Check out their website at I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that I will never make it out of Bangkok with out six new-ish books shoved in my backpack. This is an area of my life where self control does not exist.

3. Speaking of self control issues, I developed a wee bit of a cupcake obsession. These red velvet cupcakes rocked my world.

4. This sign made me very happy, but the idea of eating a smiley face french fry gives me the willies.

5. Magic has crazy eyes.

6. All this stuff was in front of my door when I got home and the backpack is the only piece that belongs to me. Just sayin.

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