Christmas Cookies

Last time I was grocery shopping in Bangkok, I found a package of cookie mix and decided to share a holiday tradition by making cookies for my friends at site. I realize that peanut butter cookies aren’t the most festive of holiday cookies, but they were the only ones that didn’t call for butter. The last time I baked with “butter” it turned the cookies neon yellow.

I kept the mix in the drawer under the freezer which seemed to make it really chunky. Oopsy. Once I mixed the dough together, the chunkiness did not seem to matter. I might have also done a few taste tests just to be extra sure.

I’m still learning how to make modifications when baking in a hotter country. The dough was warm and sticky. I didn’t think this mattered at all until I pulled out the first batch of cookies and they were really wide, thin and flimsy. After that I chilled the dough in the fridge for a while and the rest of the cookies came out more normal looking.

Now I’m ready to put the cookies in my bike basket and distribute them around site. I feel like this would make Santa proud. Also in the spirit of Christmas, I began a Christmas movie marathon this weekend. So far I’ve watched Bridget Jone’s Diary, Julie and Julia and Love Actually. I realize now that Julie and Julia is not a christmas movie. I have quite a liberal interpretation of “Christmas movies,” meaning if at any point there is a Christmas tree in the movie it is Christmas movie. I thought for sure there was a Christmas tree at some point in Julie and Julia, but I was wrong. I think I just wanted an excuse to watch it again. I’m still deciding what I’ll watch tonight. Perhaps Bad Santa or Little Women. What are your favorite Christmas movies?

And for the weekend low…I tasted this dessert. Worst ever.


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