Christmas at School

The cookies were not loved. Well, the gesture was appreciated, but the actual cookies, not so much. I had prepared myself for this and am not offended. I mostly wanted to share the tradition of giving each other treats at Christmas time. I’ve long since learned that flavors or foods that stray from traditional Thai cuisine do not tend to go over well with my friends at site. One time, I made myself a delicious yogurt parfait filled with yogurt from the local mini mart, fresh fruit and a touch of muesli and my neighbor walked over, asked what it was and then scrunched up her nose and said she couldn’t eat it. I used this as an opportunity to tell her that while I appreciate the fact that she wants to give me free hot dogs from her hot dog stand, I really don’t like hot dogs. Back to the cookies…a few of the teachers did actually try the cookies, which I appriciated, but the overall consensus is that they are too sweet. The school principle called them old sugar. Oh well, more for me. 🙂

My coteacher had the students make these adorable Santa hats today, which I am in love with.


Here’s a lovely shot of me trying to teach some Christmas carols. The students usually want to sing Jingle Bells, which is so hard to teach. I compromised by singing Jingle Bells with them and then teaching “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” (Just the chorus).

Christmas has made this week more interesting than usual, though I’ll be honest, it’s been hard to engage here when I’ve got Cambodia on the mind. Only one more day at site, before I’m off to meet with the parents in Cambodia for my first Christmas. I’m especially excited for this Christmas because last year I was all by my lonesome at site. And did I mention we’ll be in Cambodia? Yes, the excitement really is getting the best of me.


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