Phnom Penh by Tuk Tuk

After staying in Siem Reap we traveled by boat to Phnom Penh and stayed a night there before traveling on to the beach. We had a grand total of maybe 9 hours in Phnom Penh counting sleep time. Papa Bear couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing the city we were staying in, so we took a one hour tuk tuk tour of Phnom Penh before grabbing dinner. We enjoyed this one hour ride around the city so much that we did a similar tuk tuk tour once we made it to the beach. All in all, I was surprised by Phnom Penh. I expected nothing special, but the city had some charm and interesting places to see. Here’s the pictures from the tuk tuk ride and if they seem all a blur, that’s because the tour basically was.

Our Driver

Independence Monutment

A City Shot

A Driver

Some People on a Moto

A Temple



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