Beach Bumming in Sihanoukville

If Sihanoukville got one thing right, it’s these comfy chairs. They are everywhere and are perfect for relaxing on the beach with a book.

But that’s not the only thing they got right. The sunsets have been beautiful. This is from our first night in town on Occheuteal Beach. We loved the restaurants on the beach here, though the venders were a bit overwhelming at times.

The next day we hired a tuk tuk to show us around the city and take us to Otres Beach. We thought this beach was nearby and were a little worried when the tuk tuk driver took us down this dirt road for about 15 min.

But we did find the beach and loved it.  It is much, much quieter than Occheuteal Beach, but still had plenty of restaurants and beach chairs to keep us feelin’ good all day. Plus this adorable kiddo was running around with his snorkel mask.

The Mexican food there wasn’t too shabby either.

The next afternoon we relocated hotels to Serendipity beach. Here’s a picture from the beach in front of our hotel.

Later we made our way over to Victory Beach, which wasn’t as pretty as the other beaches, but had silky, smooth sand and comfy places to curl up and read.

Since we arrived in Sihanoukville we have been to the Trattoria Barbarella restaurant twice. Yes twice. Why twice? This is the best Italian food any of us have had in a long, long time. The gnocci melts in your mouth, the pizza crust is just the right amount of crunchy and chewy and the wine is cheap and tasty. The chef is fun to talk to and told us he used to be an executive chef at a few Sheraton hotels.  Good food memories here. It’s located at the Lion round about if you happen to be in town.

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