The Great Gift Exchange

The first day back to school after the New Year means gift exchanging!

Everyone brought one gift to exchange. Here they are all numbered and ready to go.

But before exchanging, a dance off is in order. These boys had moves I could only hope to one day emulate.

First graders with their gifts.

I think they’re excited about the gifts. 😉 I have the hardest time getting these kiddos to smile in pics sometimes.

The students drew numbers and then picked up the gift with the corresponding number. I discovered my hidden talent to quickly locate the numbered gift.

Another dance break.

Two seconds after the dance break. I have never seen a group of 100+ kids settle down so quickly.

Now he definitely likes his gift. He was also very excited to model for the photo.

What did I get? Coffee. Excellent. 🙂


One thought on “The Great Gift Exchange

  1. The children look so happy! I’m sure these kids truly appreciate the gifts versus the spoiled ones that are brought up here in the U.S. that expect more and more each year.

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