Brighter Mornings

I think it’s possible that I might be turning into a morning person. My whole life I have been a sleep til noon, stay up til 2am fast and true member of the Night Owl Brigade. But the times may be changing. I’ve caught myself saying things like, “The blue light of the early morning is so beautiful,” and “I love how cloudy and crisp morning air is during cool season.” I noticed over vacation that I was the one cajoling the parents out of bed to carpe some diem or to feed my famished stomach, when every other vacation memory I have starts with a morning of my mom waking me up and my dad ripping the covers off me so I have to either get up or freeze to death (which I sometimes attempted out of pure stubbornness). I think the real nail in the coffin came today, a Sunday, when I woke up to a dark sky, heard a chicken squawk and decided it was time to get up. What time was it? 6:30. I shudder.

I blame Thailand for turning me into a morning person. I blame the animals, the radios and the tractors that start sounding at 5. I blame the hot days and cool refreshing mornings. I blame all the times I’ve been shooken awake on an overnight bus at 6 because regardless of what time you go to bed, 6 is the waking hour. At some point I just decided that if I can’t beat ’em (and believe me, I tried), then join ’em. Can’t say I regret this decision.

In other news, I had an amazing time in Chiang Mai over the weekend. I had planned to write a bunch of blog updates from there and then realized I really needed some R and R. I feel so much better now after a weekend of watching American television in a room with AC and wireless and eating at my favorite restaurants. I’ll write a blog update about my adventures in CM soon.



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