A Quick Recap

The English Camp I helped host last week ended up being pretty fun. Not only was the camp on location at the Sukothai Historical Park, it was pretty laid back, while still being meaningful to the students and two of my friends got to come down to help and keep me company.

I went down to Bangkok last weekend to meet up with some friends from college who were here for a conference. The going to Bangkok part worked out. The meeting up with some friends from college part, did not. I sent them an email when I arrived and never heard back. šŸ˜¦ Maybe they weren’t checking email, maybe they were busy with the conference or maybe they just flat stood me up. The weekend however, was no bust. Magic was in town and we made sure to have a good time and eat lots of foreign food.

Now I’m back at site for one week, yes one week until my next sojourn in Bangkok for medical check out. So far the beginning of the week back at site is same ol’ same ol’ and a bit relaxing in that sense. I can read to my heart’s content and catch up on podcasts, oh yeah, and help out at school. šŸ™‚ When the drivers who take me from town to my site saw me get off the bus the other day, they were shocked to see me and said they thought I had gone back to America. I guess it’s been a while.


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