Cabbages and Condoms in Bangkok

A couple of weekends ago when I was in Bangkok I finally made it over to dinner at Cabbages and Condoms. I’ve wanted to eat there since I first came to Thailand, but for one reason or another it didn’t happen and with my time in Thailand coming to an end an my Thailand Bucket List looming, this needed to happen ASAP. But a couple weekend ago, happen it did and by surprise none the less. Magic’s friends were in town and I met up with them to go out to dinner.

“Where are we eating?” I asked.

“Cabbages and Condoms” they replied.

“Perfect!” I thought.

About the Restaurant

Cabbages and Condoms was developed to promote a better understanding of family planning in Thailand and to support the Population and Community Development Association, which serves the rural poor of Thailand through a variety of projects. The restaurant is huge and includes seating areas on an outside patio, inside, on an upstairs patio and an inside bar. Walking into the restaurant you are greeted by various s sculptures, fashions and lighting made from condoms, as well as the wheel of sex where you can spin to find out what dissease you contracted when not using a condom.

Oops, looks like I picked up a case of vaginal trichomoniasis. -10 points to me.

I wonder how Tim Gunn would respond to this design.

You may not have known before that condoms can be used as Christmas tree decorations, but you know now.

The Food

The food is traditional Thai. The menu is full of pictures and descriptions with options galore. This is a great place to find the dish you’ve seen but didn’t know the name of or to try something completely new. The prices are steeper than street food and are comparable to foreign restaurants in Bangkok. With the steeper price tag comes fresh, delicious food and a contribution to PDA.

About the NGO

The restaurant supports the NGO, Population and Community Development Association (PDA) which was originally founded to promote family planning throughout Thailand and over the last 30 years has evolved to include programs in Water Resource Development, Income-generation and Ocupational Training, Forestry and Environmental Conservation, Local Institution-Building, Family Planning and Primary Health Care, AIDS Prevention, Information and Care, and Thai Business Initiative in Rural Development. The NGO has now extended it’s focus to include countries neighboring Thailand.


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