Peace Corps Medical Check Out

I just spent the last week of my life in Bangkok with the other volunteers in my group completing some of the medical check out procedures. It’s gonna take a few hours of reading books and eating fruit in the village before I recover from that venture. Before leaving the country all volunteers get checked out and up and in and under to make sure all things are in working order. Ask any Peace Corps Thailand volunteer about medical check out and the first thing they will tell you is that you have to poop in a cup three times in three days. Judging by the hub bub this created, you would think we’d all been told we were expected to pass the GRE with perfect scores. Strategies were made, tips were shared. Volunteers clung to cups of coffee like magic potions. Phones were ringing with novices anxiously seeking advice from our more experienced peers. High fives were given to those who had been successful and sounds of sympathy to those who were struggling. It was an interesting three days to say the least. Here’s a picture of me with my specimen collection tools- jar, baggie, Popsicle stick. Don’t worry, the jar is empty.

Aside from the doctors appointments, this last week marked that last time our group may be together and the last time we would see some of our friends in Thailand. To be honest, this reality has yet to set in with me and I don’t think it will for quite some time. Life at site is still so routine that it’s hard to believe the times are a changin’. Regardless of my belief, there were a lot of goodbyes and shenanigans to be had. I also spent some time woo-ing Magic in a book store by showing her all the food I will cook for her in New York if she promises to still be my friend. Ok, it wasn’t that desperate, but it was that weird. We planned a Tuesday dinner night, where she tells me what she wants for dinner and I make it. That’s the foundation of any good relationship, right?

Wow, this was a hard post to write. I think I have Post Bangkok Stress Syndrom.



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