Happy Birthday Baw

Back to site means back to school. This picture wasn’t posed at all. I’m mostly in love with how freaked out the kiddo in front looks. Cute, right?

Normally, when I get back to site after a week of working or traveling somewhere else, I need a good amount of time to readjust. This has been one of the few weeks where I was able to hop right back into the action.

Well, except for today’s first graders. They scared me a little when they came barrolling into the room. Yes, those are kids walking on desks in the back. Eventually my coteacher and I calmed them down and the day turned out alright.

Today is my friend’s daughter’s birthday. So we spent the evening at her birthday party.

Here’s the birthday girl. I think after 2 years, she is still scared of me.

These chickies were in the yard. They were so cute, I kept going back over to play with them again and again and again.

The kiddos liked them too.

Like most parties I’ve been to at site, the kids play their hearts out and the grown ups eat their hearts out.

As a side note: This is my youngest host brother and of the millions of pics I took at the party this is the closest to a clear one I got. One day I’ll get a decent picture of this cutie.

Back to eating our hearts out: This is my favorite Thai party food. It was a combination of veggies and meat and noodles and dipping sauces. It was some sort of cross between Korean BBQ, suki and hot pot. Whatever it was, it was good stuff.

Cake time! The parents turned off all the lights on the patio area and started whispering scary noises to the kids until the birthday cake appeared and we all started singing “Happy Birthday.”

Whew, I’m getting tired just reviewing the day. Time for me to hit the hay. Take care!


One thought on “Happy Birthday Baw

  1. Sawatdee Kha!
    I know this is random but I’m writing as an almost-RPCV serving in Rwanda until April. I’m headed to Thailand for my post-service travels with another PCV and we’re trying to get in touch with current Thailand PCVs who might not mind passing on tips on where to go (esp. in the South) and possibly meet up to share experiences.

    If you’re up for any of that plz write to me at triciagonedancing@gmail.com

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