Cooking Thai Food

Since my time in the village is winding down, my friends at site have been more routine about teaching me how to cook Thai food. I want to learn how to cook and Pi Muan wants to practice speaking English, so cooking dinner together has become our way of achieving both these goals.

This time around I thought I’d capture some photos to share with others and to help me remember the cooking process. This turned out to be a bit of a disaster. The combination of franticallly scribbling notes, listening to instructions, stirring, tripping over each other AND taking photos in dim lighting was just too much.

About the only decent shot I got was of raw fish meat. Yum.

Oh well, I tried. Better luck next time.

Regardless of my snafus, the food was good and I hope my notes will be useful one day. Now, they resemble wild scribbles in a mish mash of Thai and English more than recipes.


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