Camping in Nan Part 1

On Thursday my friends at site asked me if I would like to go camping with them in Nan. “Heck yes!” I replied. I’ve been camping with them twice in the past and had so much fun both times. Plus I’ve been dying to go to Nan and had basically given up hope on making it up there before I end my Peace Corps Thailand service in 5 weeks. This is a case where I was happy to be wrong.

We spent our first night at Doi Sa Meu Doa, where we pulled in after the sun had gone down and awoke to a beautiful morning sunrise over fog laden hills.

The hill was filled with photographers hoping to capture the sunrise.

The combination of feeling so small in this vast universe and yet comforted by the beauty of this space left me speechless.

After the sunrise and a rice breakfast (yes, you better believe we still had rice) we packed up our tents and headed to Sao Din Na Noi Park.

Look at the guest I found in my tent while packing. Pretty sure he’s harmless at this point.

Sao Din Na Noi park turned out to be a mass playground for picture taking. I love the imagery of the eroded hills.

After the park we stopped by Wat Phumin, which I was less than impressed with from the exterior view and then was blown away once I realised that the inside is filled with beautiful murals that were painted at the end of the 19th century.

This doesn’t even cover all of Saturday’s events, but it’s where I’ll leave you for now. Stay tuned for part 2 of the trip to Nan.


4 thoughts on “Camping in Nan Part 1

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  2. Hit the wrong button so my previous message was deleted. We will probably never get to Thailand but so enjoying your blog and pictures. Glad your family could spend time with you. Praying for your safety and that the Lord will use you to do a mighty work.

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