Camping in Nan Part 2

Click here to check out Part 1 of Camping in Nan.

After a full day of parks and a temple, we set up camp at Doi Phu Kha park in time to watch the sunset over the hills.

Notice there is ample room to sit around and eat, which we did our fair share of.

The unexpectedly cold weather at the top of this hill caused me to commit a very serious fashion crime. Yep, that’s me with the socks and sandles. My friends loved that the white girl thought the weather was cold too.

In the morning we went on a short hike to see a flower that wasn’t in bloom. Lame. I did, however, see my first cinnamon plant. The leaves smell so yummy!

The rest of Sunday was spent traveling back to site with stops every ten minutes or so. My host brother and I passed the time in the car by taking pictures out the window.

One of our stops included a visit through the Nan National Museum. The museum had some cool things, but I finished way before everyone else, so I walked around and took pictures of flowers.

We also stopped a few times to shop. Once again I was distracted by things like flowers and cutie pies.

The trip home, counting all the stops, took a total of 11 hours and was freakishly exhausting. So I went to bed at 9:30.




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