Friday Five: 5 Things I Will Miss About Site

Only 4 weeks left at site, so I thought it only appropriate to get a little nastolgic and list the “5 Things I Will Miss About Site” in this Friday Five.


It goes without saying that I will cherish and miss people at site who made me feel at home and taught me about Thailand.

Adorable Kids in School Uniforms

The cuteness of the little kids in their various school uniforms makes my heart melt everyday. Good thing I took a bagillion pictures to remember them always.

Village Mornings

I love the relaxed hustle and bustle of cool village mornings. I’m gonna miss eating my oatmeal while listening to the sounds of monks chanting, roosters crowing and tractors chugging.

The Farms

The vivid green of rice fields is unlike anything I’ve seen before. As much as village life bores me to tears at times, I do really appreciate living so close to farms with their beauty and reminder to not take my food for granted.

Friday Market

I love perusing the locally grown fresh produce at the Friday Market. This weekly event also came to symbolize the joy of the end of a work week and the beginning of a weekend.


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