These Bananas Have to Pee! A Thai Dessert Experience

Trying desserts in other countries is always an interesting experience for me. A. Because desserts make me happy and B. because it’s interesting to see what people consider a treat. Some desserts look funky and are delicious, while others look funky and are just plain funky.

Today my host dad taught me how to make Gluwoi Buat Chee, which I thought meant “The bananas have to pee.” Turns out it means something along the lines of bananas dressed in white with some good luck thrown in there. In my defense, last week I learned that one of the Thai desserts is called “Young Woman’s Breast Dessert.” So I don’t think I was too far out of line when I thought this dessert made reference to a bodily function.

Making Gluwoi Buat Chee ended up being much easier than I anticipated. The ingredients are bananas, coconut milk, water, sugar and salt. The only time consuming part is making the coconut milk (which can be bypassed with a trip to the super market).

Other than that all that’s really involved is boiling the bananas and coconut milk together with some sugar and a bit of salt until the bananas are soft and the coconut milk tastes delicious.

And then you eat it! Here’s the cook with his bowl.

Oh, I’m sorry. Did you want some? Well, here’s a recipe to dabble with.

2 thoughts on “These Bananas Have to Pee! A Thai Dessert Experience

    • There’s a machine that will press the milk? That’s awesome. The abundance of fresh coconut milk in Thailand is my best friend and worst enemy.

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