Camping in Petchaboon

This was my forth camping trip with a group of friends from site and usually I have a great time on these trips, but this one had my crying “Uncle!” and hoping someone would decide to drive home early.
It started out fun as usual. We left site on Saturday and pitched our tents on the a top of of a Petchaboon mountain.
We sat around joking and eating a sticky rice and fried pork dinner.
I went into my tent to read for a bit and heard excited shrieks and cameras clicking. I went out to see what the excitement was all about and saw that the thick fog that covered the hills below us had now settled in all around us. My friends had never seen this before, so we braved the cold and took lots of photos.
But being in the the midst of a cloud is not as magical as it sounds. It’s mostly just cold and wet, very wet. Soon enough it started raining and we retreated to our tents. I tried to make do by wrapping myself in my sleeping bag and reading a book, but evenually the tent started leaking and made the blankets, pillow and me all wet. Meaning it was going to be a cold, wet, sleepless night. I spent the whole time reading and listening to my ipod knowing I would never sleep.
I did somehow manage to get two hours of sleep and come dawn I was out of that tent and sipping hot coffee. Everyone was exhausted and joked about last night’s lack of sleep. I was just exhausted and wanted to get home as soon as possible.
We took our time getting home, as usual. I skipped one of the sites and slept in the car.
Once we got back I unpacked, checked a few websites and was ready for bed by 8 pm. In the tent I had promised to never complain about hot stuffy nights again, but this hot stuffy night made me worried I was in for another sleepless night. Not the case, I passed out as soon as I put down my book and didn’t wake again until the roosters started crowing at dawn.

4 thoughts on “Camping in Petchaboon

  1. After reading the title I was going to say, “no fair! I want to go camping!” But once I finished reading the post I decided maybe that wasn’t appropriate anymore. I had a camping experience as a child once where I went to sleep and woke up on the island of ‘Lena’s Mattress,’ not fun.

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