Photo Essay: Peace Corps Year 1

It’s my last week in the village and I’m feeling nostalgic so I thought I’d take everyone on a trip down memory lane. Here’s some photos from my first year in Peace Corps Thailand.

January 2009-March 2009: Oh the days of language training. I was supposed to be listening to directions in Thai to find a bag of candy.

March 2009: Trip with my PST (pre service training) host family to see the monkeys in Lopburi.

April 2009: First month at site and first Song Kran.

May 2009: Met up with volunteers for the Stripes v. Argyle Bowling Tournament

June 2009: School field trip to an agriculture fair

July 2009: School field trip to the Sukothai Historical Park

August 2009: Discovered a cave during the peak of my “I-like-to-take-ridiculously-long-bike-rides-on-the-weekends” phase

September 2009: First trip down south, one of many terrible sunburns

October 2009: Loy Kratong festival comes early

November 2009: Helped out at a volunteer’s No Smoking Camp

December 2009: Spent Christmas alone at site baking and watching holiday movies

January 2010: First visitor from home!

February 2010: Helped at a Business and Technology Training

April 2010: Celebrated the end of my first school year with a trip to Vietnam

and Chiang Mai

and Indonesia

and Singapore


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