Photo Essay: Peace Corps Year 2

Here’s some highlights from my second year of Peace Corps service. Check out the first year here.

June 2010: Pii Da Khon festival in Leoi

July 2010: Camping trip in Chaiyapoom with friends from site

August 2010: Stopped by Malaysia for a few days

September 2010: Did lots of normal village things, like going to school and the market

October 2010: The parents move to SE Asia come to visit

November 2010: Close of Service Conference, lots of goodbyes and good times. PS. only 4 hours of the conference was spent at the Four Seasons, but a lovely 4 hours it was.

December 2010: The Mentor Reading Program at one of my schools takes off

and I spent Christmas in Cambodia with my parents

January 2011: English Camp for aspiring tour guides

February 2011: Lots of time at site with friends and kiddos

and an awesome camping trip to Nan with friends from site.

March 2011: Still in progress. It’s 8 days in and there are 10 days left of service. So far it’s a lot of goodbyes and spending time in the village with friends.

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