3 Crappy Mornings 1 Lame Update

I wish I were writing a lovely update about how much fun I am having in Bangkok and how this last week in the Peace Corps has been so amazing, but this is not one of those updates. The last three mornings have started off with tears and have gotten progressively suckier as they go on.

Monday Morning

This was the morning I said goodbye to my school and friends and site and stepped on a bus to Bangkok. Tears this morning were expected and flowed freely.

Tuesday Morning

After a night of hanging out with friends and a day of activities ahead I woke up cheerful and excited for the day ahead. When I checked my email I realized that the airline had yet to send me a confirmation email for the flight I had booked for Friday. I had noticed this earlier in the week, but following up was put on the back burner due to stress from moving and saying goodbyes.

I thought checking the flight info would be as easy as logging onto the website and entering my passport number. But no. I needed my reservation code, which I forgot to write down or I needed to log into my account, which I hadn’t done when I booked so there was no record of my flight. So, I am unsure if I do indeed have a flight book for Friday. Awesome. Cue tear swelling eyeballs.

Then I get an email from work and find out that something I thought had been taken care of in January needs to get done this week. My last week here. Cue head banging against my desk.

So I did everything I could to take care of these issues and went on with my day. It turned out to be a great day with friends, but ended with more goodbyes, which was not as fun.

Wednesday Morning

Once again, I woke up in a good mood, ready to get some things done, completely unprepared for the stressful events headed my way. I checked some emails. Even started researching a possible trip to Hong Kong. I started to book a room in India for the first leg of my India trip. Couldn’t find my debit card. Meaning I left my debit card in the ATM yesterday. (Mini rant: banks in Thailand give you your money before they give you your ATM card. Why would you do this???? People lose their cards all the time.)

I admit, I’ve left my debit card in an ATM in Thailand before, but it was always the card for my Thai bank account, so that was easy to take care of. This time it’s my US bank account. Did I mention I’m supposed to fly to India on the 27th? Yeah. I called the bank that owns the ATM and they won’t open the ATM because of an agreement between banks.

It’s after hours in America now, so all I was able to do is cancel my card, which is something. Now I have to wait til the bank opens so I can call and beg and plead them to rush deliver my card to Thailand. Luckily, I have an address in Bangkok they can send it to. Luckily, I realized I had lost my card before I spent all my cash. Unluckily, I absolutely need this card by the 26th.

Last time I had an issue with my card while traveling (some jerk in Rome stole my card information and made over $700 of withdrawls in Milan) my bank was really helpful. I’m hoping for this same service again.

Current Status

Still not sure if my flight for Friday is booked. Still not sure how I will get a new bank card.

Hugs are much appriciated right now.

I’m off to see if I can find where I left my head.

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