Bangkok Shopping Centers

A lost debit card means shopping is strictly off limits, however I thought I would distract myself by going on a themed photo walk of Bangkok’s shopping centers. Did this distract me from my plight? Absolutely not. I really can’t think of a worse way to distract myself from not having any money.

Anyway, I thought I’d use the photos to post a run down of Bangkok’s shopping centers. There is no shortage of them in Bangkok and for some reason I end up spending an unreasonable amount of time there whenever I’m in town.


First there’s MBK. If “dirt cheap” are your favorite words and you usually follow the word quality with “shmality.” Then this is the place for you. MBK is full of shops and stalls selling cheap and knock off goods with everything from shoes to pirated computer software available to purchase.

The Siams

Across the street from MBK there are three Siam shopping centers in a row. The difference between these three centers is negligable. For the most part there full of high end and slightly below high end stores.

Siam Discovery is a narrow shopping center with stores like North Face, Calvin Klein and Marc by Mark Jacobs.

In the middle there is Center Siam, which is basically an extention of Siam Discovery, but with more boutique stores.

And then there is Siam Paragon, a massive mall packed with high end stores and lots and lots of people.

The food court on the bottom floor has an array of restaurants and booths including a Krispy Kreme with a line that most always extends outside the building. There’s also an aquariam and a movie theater at Siam Paragon.

Central World

Remember the shopping center that burned down in the protests last year? This is it. Part of the center is still under construction, but for the most part it is open to the public.

Central world is a short walk from the Siams and is my favorite shopping center in Bangkok. It’s huge, but not nearly as crowded as the Siams and it has all the stores I love, like Zara, Forever 21, and Top Shop.

There’s more.

Yep, there’s more. There’s still Gaysorn, Amarin, Erawan, Emporium and Platinum.

And those are just the shopping centers I have been to. There are still many, many more in Bangkok.

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  1. Oh great, these are very graceful and huge shopping malls. You seems to be found of shopping and have much information about the great centers in Bangkok. I appreciate your research and sharing this with us.

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