Not Nearly Enough Time with the Parents in Krabi

In case you don’t know, I am not the only traveler in the family. My parents have been traveling around Southeast Asia for the last five months. We’ve been able to meet up a few times to spend time together and share stories.

This time around we met up at Ao Nang in Krabi. This meet up was different than others because it’s at a major point in both our travels. This is the last weekend my parents will spend in Southeast Asia before going home and it’s my first weekend as a Peace Corps graduate. This is also the last time we will see each other until May 23rd when I return from my India/Nepal travels.

I arrived in Krabi Friday evening and met up with my parents who had been island hopping in the area for the last month. A trip to the beach and time with my parents was exactly what I needed after the emotional roller coaster of leaving site, signing out at the Peace Corps office and then losing my debit card.

We’ve spent time at the beach and especially enjoyed Railay beach, although the daily afternoon storms have kept us inside playing cards a fair amount as well.

Last night we celebrated the end of our time in Thailand with a feast of Thai seafood and then released a lantern together on the beach. We are all sad to see the end of our time here and will miss Thailand greatly.

Today they make their way to the airport with hopes to get bumped and spend a few more days abroad and I head to one of my last destinations in Thailand before leaving at the end of the week. I’m so excited for my journeys to come, but the impending departure from the country I’ve called home for the last two years weighs heavy on me as well.

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