Thailand Bucket List Recap

Back in January I made a Thailand Bucket List, also known as a list of things I wanted to do before leaving Thailand. Since I leave Thailand in about a week, I do believe it is time to review the bucket list.

The Thailand Bucket List

  • Take a Cooking Class: I never took a formal cooking class. I signed up for one in Chiang Mai, but they never picked me up, which made me feel like I’d been stood up and I don’t stand for that business. I did however spend many evenings with my host dad learning how to cook Thai dishes, which I think counts.
  • Beach Trip to the South: Yup, I met my parents in Krabi before they left and then went to Ko Lanta as well.
  • Another Chiang Mai Trip: Yes
  • Eat at Cabbages and Condoms: Did it.
  • Lots of Shopping: Well, I was not able to do nearly as much shopping as I had hoped because my luggage space did not allow for it. 😦
  • Lots of Thai Massages: Oh yeah. I’ve done my fair share of this!


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I'm a 20-something girl with a penchant for travel and a love of food. I'm prone to outdoor adventures, laughs over beers and photography missions. I write about my journeys on my blog, Some Sojourns, and on the Vayable Blog.

2 thoughts on “Thailand Bucket List Recap

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog on and off (PST makes it quite difficult to do anything). I’m a 123er currently living in Kanchanaburi (just moved in a few days ago). I started reading your blog before I left the states and it got me really excited (and scared). Wish I could have met you but I guess there’s always America. I’m gonna try and catch up on all the the posts I missed. Chok dee!

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