5 Ways to Avoid Strangling Your Travel Partner

Traveling with a partner can get ugly. I once got so frustrated with a travel buddy that I ended up yelling at her in the middle of the Vatican City over something completely trivial. In order to avoid such a scene, I thought I’d share some helpful little tid bits to keep you and your travel partner smiling and giggling and having a grand ol’ time together.

Are You Sure You Should Travel Together?

If there’s trouble in paradise before you get on the plane then please for the love of god, work out your issues before going on a trip together. Traveling will only make it worse. And please don’t travel with someone only because you want a travel partner. You will have so much more fun going solo than tagging along with someone who sucks the fun out of your adventure.

Make Friends Along the Way

So many issues with travel partners have little to do with isolated events and a whole lot to do with being around the same person and talking to the same person day in and day out. Make friends in the hostel, talk to the tour guides and shop owners, mingle with some locals, keep in touch with friends from home, chat it up with the cute little monkey stealing your food. Do what you gotta do to chat with someone besides your travel partner for a bit.

Be Silly

Make up a scavenger hunt together, create your own inside jokes, play a drinking game, speak your own secret language, do whatever you need to do to laugh together and make some memories.

Talk It Out, Hug It Out

Don’t let those bad vibes fester. Grab some coffee or a beer and talk out your issues, then do what Ari Gold would do (explicit) and hug it out.

Spend Some Time Apart

Go your separate ways. Some time apart can be good, whether it’s to explore something your partner isn’t as interested in or just to rejuvenate.

Side Note

Ok, Puzie and I weren’t really fighting in this photo. We were sad that the ferris wheel was too expensive to ride. True story.

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