Beach Bumming in Varkala

After a night in Mysore we boarded an overnight bus to Kerala. Two things I learned on the overnight bus: 1. Bollywood movies are awesome. Especially when there is break dancing and exorcism involved. 2. If there is a seatbelt on the bus, it is mean to be used. At one point while winding through the Western Ghats PZ and I were looking for vessels to vomit into. Thankfully, we never needed them.

At the station in Kerala we changed buses and loaded one that stopped in Alappuzha. Once on the bus we changed our minds for the 15th time that day and decided to get off in Varkala instead.

Varkala is our first beach experience in India and since my mishaps in Koh Lanta, Thailand I have been craving more beach time and a chance to redeem myself from my own ridiculousness.

Our hotel and all the shops and restaurants are located on a cliff that hangs over the beach. So while we eat and stroll there is always the view of the beach beneath us. Much to our delight, the shops are filled with all sorts of hippie approved clothing and jewelry.

For the most part we’ve been doing what one must do in a beach town, lay on the beach and read and eat and spy on people.

Did I mention that the sunsets are awesome? Yeah, I like Varkala

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