Bundi: Playing Make Believe in a Blue Town

There’s a castle in Bundi. It’s the sort of castle that shows remains of a more opulant past and now stands abandoned in some state between upkeep and disrepair.

We had this castle all to ourselves and made good use of this fortune by exploring the quarters and playing make believe.

We played that we were gypsy orphans who found safe haven in this abandoned castle and now use our knowledge of enchantments protect the people of the blue city we watch over.

Not sure who decided to paint this city blue, but I wholly approve. The answers varied from ” it protects against mosquitoes,” to ” a king favored the color” and “it’s just a nice color.”

Wandering through the town left us feeling like the place had been deserted. I half expected tumble weed to blow through this one horse cow town. We were content with a few monkeys and a kid and his cow for company, but we couldn’t help feel a little perplexed by this situation.

We continued our wandering towards the market and discovered…

a place of color, people and business. This was no one cow town, we were just in the wrong place. Traveling during low season means tourist areas are sparsity populated, but towns are still bustling as usual. Though after navigating through the stalls, dancing to avoid cow pies and oncoming traffic and developing a high tolerance for car horns I happily retreated to solstice near the palace in this periwinkle town.

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