Jaisalmer: Passing Time and Making Friends

Remember how I wrote about camel trekking the other day? Well before we met the camels our driver stopped at his family’s house in the village so we could have some chai and he could sort out an arguement with his parents. While he was doing this we played with some kiddos who were hanging around. They loved having their picture taken and seeing themselves in the camera.

They also loved taking pictures with my camera, which gave me a minor heart attack, but was fun for them. This is right about the time my camera died and I realized I would have no camel trekking photos of my own. Oh the horror.

Our driver/hotel owner had been very forward about his intentions to marry me all day, which PZ mercilessly egged on. A real pal, that one. Apparently our wedding will include 5000 of his closest friends and 10 of mine. Wonder how the parents would feel about that one. Indian weddings do look incredible and I would love to go see one. Definitely not ready to be in one. Sorry Abdul.

After we returned from our camel trek the rest of the day disappeared into nothingness. It was lost somewhere between naps, painting henna on each other and playing cards. We could only bring ourselves to move in the 111 degree F heat once the idea of ice cream was brought up.

The next day in Jaisalmer was far less pitiful. We finally made it to the fort where the labyrinth of narrow streets hide ornate houses, shops, restaurants and temples. Turns out we weren’t so much in a shopping mood as a talking mood. We drank chai and discussed philosopy with a linen shop owner and then made it about another block before stopping to learn about Jainism and massage in another shop.

For lunch we found a place with an incredible view of the city and nearby desert. After that we packed up for our next train and crossed our fingers for cooler weather in the next destination.

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