Jaipur: Flesh Colored Buildings, Chocolate and a Bollywood Film

We were unable to book a train straight from Jaisalmer to Agra. Instead, we took an overnight from Jaisalmer to Jaipur then another train from Jaipur to Agra in the evening that same day. Upon arriving in Jaipur we checked our luggage at the train station and set out to explore the city.

Let me tell you, a Kelsi who woke up at 4 am to get off an overnight train and has not seen a shower in more than 24 hours is not a friendly Kelsi. Jaipur is probably a nice town and I’ve heard from people who enjoyed it, but I hated it.

Kelsi Freaks Out About Paint Colors

The first and most important offense: The guide books will tell you that this city is painted pink. It’s not it’s a dirty peaches and browns. colors that are disturbingly similar to the color of skin. The whole place is painted these hues and all I saw was skin, skin, skin everywhere. I couldn’t even bring myself to take pictures. It was too traumatizing.

The second offense: Everything was closed. Perhaps it was a holiday of some sort, but it’s hard to enjoy a city when nothing is open. Bad timing on our part, I guess. The fact that most of the doors in the city are flesh colored garage doors did not help my horrible image of the place.

Chocolate is My Lover

We did find one restaurant that was open and stopped for some lunch. We picked out our order and then were told they don’t serve food before noon. Well, when your day starts at 4 am, you might be hungry for lunch at 10 am. So what did we do? We ordered desserts (lots of desserts) because that was the exception. Below you will see photoed that wonderfulness that is “Chocolate 4 Ways” which includes: chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, and a walnut brownie a la mode with chocolate sauce.

Licking the plate was discussed.

Going to the Movie Theater

After dessert/lunch we decided to check out a movie theater because it was hot and this movie theater is famous for the number of people it draws in every year. We saw the Bollywood film Thank You. To see a Bollywood film in the theater is to see it in it’s full glory. Not only do you see all dance scenes and drama on the big screen but you learn the rules of theater etiquette. Chatting throughout the film is a must. Loudly retorting to character’s lines is encouraged. Whistling or cat calling any time a lady shows some skin is essential.

Did I mention that this movie was entirely in Hindi (no subtitles) and it was about 2 and half hours long with an intermission? Figuring out the gist of the movie was surprisingly easy. Plus there are so many English words thrown in that it’s easy enough to piece clues together.

This movie was set in Canada and had many foreigners in it. Nearly all the women were dressed in either straight up ho-ttire (think sparkly hot pants and bras) or bikinis. This shed an ounce of light on why we get so much attention walking down the street. People must be waiting for us to rip off our clothes and break out some sexy dance moves. If only they could be so lucky.

So that was our 17 hours in Jaipur: me being hysterical about flesh colored buildings, eating chocolate with reckless abandon and learning more about the amazingness of Bollywood films.

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