Taj Mahal, I’ve Been Waiting All Month For You

Exactly one month after the day we arrived in India we saw the Taj Mahal. We spent a week giggling with excitement to see this building and when the time came we held hands and looked at the ground as we passed through the gate before looking up to see the Taj Mahal in its full glory. It wasn’t big. It was massive. It gave me goosebumps. It made me squeal a bit with excitement.

We weren’t the only ones who were excited to see the building. The place was packed. And this is off season, I can’t imagine what it’s like during high season.

It took a while to get wait for people to clear out so I could get my vanity shot, but get it I did. Then I decided, full crowd and all, I would try jumping with joy for a photo.

Fail. The girls on American’s Next Top Model make it look so easy.

I was awestruck by how a building so massive could look so fragile and delicate, as if one of those towers would fall over like a stack of sugar cubes with the flick of a finger.

Inside we had to wear booties or take our shoes off, holy grounds and all. I sencerely hope these are the next big thing in haute couture fashion.

Photos were not allowed inside, a rule few adhered to, but I saw someone get their cell phone taken away and smashed for taking a photo inside. So I kept my camera in my purse. Scary.

After seeing the tombs and ornate walls inside we wandered around the outside taking pictures, sitting in the shade and letting kids take pictures with us.

It took us a while to find someone to take a picture of both of us. The first girl took this one:

Yes, a full body shot with a small portion of Taj Mahal showing is exactly what I had in mind. The next person we convinced to take a picture of us did a much better job. We discovered that if we obliged the people who wanted pictures of us we could have them take a picture of us.

There are several more sites to see in Agra but we stuck with this one. Honestly, I was a bit site-seeinged-out and figured all else would pale in comparison. What I haven’t gotten sick of: shopping. Holy shopping binge, I had so much fun going through the stores, picking out my favorite brightly colored items and haggling prices. A trip to the post office is in order.

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