Nepal: Rafting the Seti River

Shortly after returning from our trekking trip PZ grew restless and suggested we go rafting. At this point every part of my legs and feet hurt and the idea of a rafting trip made me wimper a little. I wished her bon voyage and said I would be staying behind.

She signed up for her trip and I started to waver in my decision to stay behind. I love rafting and camping and worried I would feel like I had missed out. Oh, but my aching feet wanted to stay behind! In the end I told my feet to suck it up. We’re going rafting!

We chose a trip on the Seti River with Holiday Adventure rafting company. Our intended two day trip turned into a three due to a strike. More time camping was ok with me.

We caught our bus in the late afternoon and rode down to the river. We set up camp at the starting point and prepared ourselves to leaving in the morning to raft down the river. This was the first time this company had ever set up camp at the starting point, but when there’s a strike, you’ve gotta get creative.

Setting up camp was easy enough, especially when there are cute French kids in your group who are eager to set up your tent for you. Bless those children.

Our guides made us a dinner of dhal bhat and we sat around an improvised sand and tarp table introducing ourselves and asking our guide about Nepali culture.

We woke up bright and early the next morning to pack up camp and start down the river. The guides packed up the raft with our supplies, gave us some Rafting 101 tips and we pushed out onto the river.

We quickly learned that this would be no high speed, high adrenaline rafting trip. The French family referred to it as “rafting for grandmothers.” I have no complaints there. I was apprihensive about being thrown out of the boat into class 5 rappids and I appriciated the opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery.

After a day of paddling and swimming we pulled ashore to set up camp. There we swam a bit, played some cards and read our books.

The last day was about 2 hours of rafting. We hit a few class 2 and class 3 rapids before pulling into our exit point. After unpacking the raft we ate some lunch and caught a local bus back to Pokhara.

For someone who was reluctant about going on a rafting trip in the first place, I turned into quite the rafting fan. So much so that I went on this same trip again two days later.

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