Nepal: Village Visiting and Bus Top Surfing

The manager at the guesthouse PZ and I stayed at in Pokhara offered to take us to visit his family in a village outside the city. This was a no brainer for us. Blame it on being recent Peace Corps graduates, we love a chance to get out of town and see village life.

This trip was one of those situations where we didn’t really know what was going on, but just went with it anyway. We weren’t sure exactly how much walking time was involved and how far away the village was, we would just be following our friend throughout the excursion.

We found our bus and Bekash asked us, “Wanna ride on top?” I felt like a teenager being offered a beer. “No, yes, I mean no, I mean YES!” So we rode on the top of the bus and it was awesome! The view is some much better up there and the air flow is a real nice perk.

After the bus dropped us off we walked about 45 minutes through the village and found Bakash’s mom washing dishes. He introduced us and we hung out around the house smiling warmly and trying to communicate that we loved the property and the dhal bhat.

We spent about half an hour hanging out before Bakash said it was time to start the walk back. It was a long one and we needed to give ourselves plenty of time. Turns out it’s about a 30 minute walk there and a 3+ hour walk back.

After walking about 3 hours we stopped at a view point other tourist were visiting. Here we learned that a bus would come in the next 10 minutes and we chose to take that instead of walking the rest of the way to Pokhara (another 3 hours).

Once again we rode on the top of the bus, where we were joined be a very drunk man with a horn who kept standing on the front of the bus yelling out “Bus surfing!” The curvy bus ride down the hill was nerve racking enough from the where we were sitting and watching this man made us legitimately concerned that we would witness a human death. We were actually thankful when the bus stopped before a check point and made everyone on the roof come inside. The rest of the ride to Pokhara was crowded and far less eventful, but that was fine by me.

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